Interview Coaching



1. Research and planning: explaining the importance of researching the company, and position and planning how to present oneself professionally. Providing tips and advice on researching the company, choosing appropriate attire, and other aspects of the interview process.
2. Interview question example: answering interview questions for the candidate to help candidates refine their interviewing skills.
3. Refining Interview skills: techniques for answering difficult interview questions, improving communication skills, and practicing effective listening during the interview.
4. Mock Interviews: allowing candidates to practice answering questions, develop effective responses to all types of interviewing questions, and become more comfortable with the interview process.
5. Feedback and critique: After practicing interview questions, a coach can provide feedback and critique to help a candidate improve their answers and delivery. This might include suggestions for using specific examples or anecdotes, making eye contact, and other tips to improve the overall impression the candidate gives in the interview.
6. Identifying Strengths and Gaps: identifying candidates‘ areas of strength and gaps in their candidacy. This can include reviewing the job description and identifying how the individual’s experience, skills, and achievements align with the role.
7. Confidence building: the main goal of interview coaching is to help candidates feel confident and ready to impress in their job interviews to build their confidence through positive feedback, visualization exercises, and other techniques.

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